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History of Poultry Industry

Poultry industry has very strong roots in Pakistan as we just can’t see our dinner or lunch without chicken. That’s the main reason that the poultry industry flourished in last few decades and today enjoys the status of the second largest industry of Pakistan after textile. Now, the point is that what could be the reasons for one industry to develop at such a faster pace in a region? So, answering the question requires us to look in to the back ground of poultry in Pakistan.

In Pakistan the concept of commercial poultry rearing, hatching and feed milling was not known few decades ago. The back yard poultry was the only source of enriched animal protein. In back yard rearing we didn’t have the real growing or laying birds. In fact the birds were not kept for any kind of financial gains, rather to rear poultry was like rearing kids. I mean they were only reared and cared either they are profitable or not.

It was the start of 6th decade of the 20th century, when the Government of Pakistan felt the need of intensive Poultry rearing program by keeping in view the increased demand of white meat due to heavy growth in our population. So, it was in 1962 when Commercial Poultry was initially introduced in Pakistan by M/S Shaver’s of Canada with the help of PIA and that led to the formation of the PIA Shaver with the poultry sector. In its embryonic stages became a blue eyed to the government officials and the rearing or any kind of business relating poultry was announced to be Tax exempted. The first hatchery was then established in Karachi. Our government supported poultry industry in all aspects that helped the industry to develop rapidly.

As the Poultry was new in the region, the disease problems were obviously expected also, therefore in early 90’s Gumboro hits Broiler & Layer flocks and parent stock suffered heavy mortality resulting in great economical losses. After that incidence the efforts were made to get things on track by addressing Vaccination and Bio-Security issues very religiously. The shock was yet fresh in the mind of the farmers and Poultry entrepreneurs when in mid 90’s the new disease caught the Parent Flocks in the Northern Areas (Abbotabad and Mansera), where the mortality rate went up to 80% and the industry again suffered grave losses .Again in very next year in 1996 due to increased number of parent stock, the prices of chicken products fell down even below the cost of its production and the farmers again suffered heavy losses. This down fall misery continued till 1997 and ban on marriage food was imposed which reduced the consumption of poultry products by 40%.

Late 90’s led to the phase of stability in the poultry industry and farmers got good profit margin. New investors rushed into the poultry farming by adopting the new techniques of environment control houses and industry shifted from traditional conventional open houses to Semi and completely closed automated houses where the intensive rearing is done under one roof. In this transformation the industry shared huge investments from multinationals and the poultry over all flourished till 2004. In 2004 Avian Influenza hit the South East Asia and Pakistan Poultry Industry suffered heavily due its rumours. Imposition of ban on imports of poultry products by Middle East countries made things more miserable. This scary condition of the industry is yet prevailing. We experienced hike in the poultry market for a few months and then a long phase of depression due to selling our products below the cost of production.

The Up’s and Down’s are with every industry but poultry industry of Pakistan witness that quite too often. That’s why the industry is so very unpredictable but due to high profits and early returns it is still enjoying its place as 2nd Largest Industry of Pakistan.

Vision Statement

To overcome animal protein deficiency in the country and to educate farmers through introducing new technology evolved using latest research methodologies.

Mission Statement

All matters relating poultry sector falling within preview of Federal & Provincial Governments is properly resolved.

To give complete awareness to the public of nutritional value of eggs and chickens so public health is improved.

Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objects for which the association is formed are as under:

To provide facilities for and foster, encourage, secure and maintain good and closer relationship and unanimity among members and the trade in general and to promote and protect their business interests and to do all that is necessary for the furtherance and development of Poultry Farming and allied trade in Pakistan.

To consider all problems and questions confronting Poultry Farming and Poultry Farmers etc. and to devise ways and means for tackling and solving the same.

To consider and take legitimate steps necessary for starting, promoting, supporting and opposing any measures affecting the business of its members and the trade in general.

To make representations to and communicate with local, provincial, Federal or other authorities, both Government and private on any matter affecting the business of its members of the trade.

To secure, organize and coordinate action on all matters pertaining to or affecting the business of its members.

To advise and assist the Government in the formulation of useful and progressive policies and to cooperate with them in their successful implementation.

To take effective measures for the eradication of unethical practices from the field of trade, commerce and industry.

Sr Full Name Zone (Coming From) Year
1 Mr.Khalil A Sattar Sindh 1979-1981
2 Sardar Abdul Hameed Punjab 1981-1982
3 Mr.Ibne Abbas Punjab 1982-1983
4 Maj.General(Rtd) M.Mumtaz Khan KPK 1983-1984
5 Syed Mazhir Hussain Abedi Sindh 1984-1985
6 Nawabzada Halim Dil Khan Punjab 1985-1986
7 Mr.Afsar Qadri Baluchistan 1986-1987
8 Capt(Pilot)Siddik Malik KPK 1987-1988
9 Syed Mazhir Hussain Abedi Sindh 1988-1989
10 Mr.M.Yousaf Eshan Khokhar Punjab 1989-1990
11 Mr.Abdul Hameed Khan Baluchistan 1990-1991
12 Mr.Sajid Mumtaz Khan KPK 1991-1992
13 Mr.Khalil A Sattar Sindh 1992-1993
14 Dr.Muhammad Sadiq Punjab 1993-1994
15 Mr.Afsar Qadri Baluchistan 1994-1995
16 Capt(Pilot)Siddik Malik KPK 1995-1996
17 Mr.Mueen Ahsanuddin Sindh 1996-1997
18 Dr.Muhammad Aslam Punjab 1997-1998
19 Mr.Afsar Qadr Baluchistan 1998-1999
20 Capt(Pilot)Siddik Malik KPK 1999-2000
21 Mr.Khalil A Sattar Sindh 2000-2001
22 Dr.Muhammad Amjad Ch. Punjab 2001-2002
23 Mr.Afsar Qadri Baluchistan 2002-2003
24 Mr.M.Yousaf Eshan Khokhar Punjab 2003-2004
25 Mr.Khalil A Sattar Sindh 2004-2005
26 Mr.Raza Mehmood Khursand Punjab 2005-2006
27 Mir.Tahir Zaidi Baluchistan 2006-2007
28 Mr.Abdul Basit Punjab 2007-2008
29 Mr.Khalil A Sattar Sindh 2008-2009
30 Dr.Muhammad Aslam Punjab 2009-2010
31 Mr.Khalil A Sattar South Zone 2010-2011
32 Dr.Hassan Sarosh Akram North Zone 2011-2012
33 Mr Khalil A Sattar South Zone 2012-2013
34 Dr Muhammad Aslam North Zone 2013-2014
35 Maj (R) Ahmed Waseem South Zone 2014-2015
36 Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik North Zone 2015-2016
37 Mr. Khalil A. Sattar South Zone 2016-2017
1 Dr. Muhammad Aslam Chairman 37405-6770312-1 ISLAMABAD FARMS 3207202-3 0300-8541230 98-D, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
2 Mr. Ateeq Muhammad Mustafa Senior Vice Chairman 42101-6241208-1 AGFA TECH 1007683 0345-8299892 C-10, Ruqaiya Square, Block-14, F.B Area, Karachi
3 Dr. Arshad Hanif Ch. Vice Chairman PPA (Northern Zone) 33302-5493488-1 S.A POULTRY BREEDING FARM 1099943-4 0321-6519089 Rajana Road, Kamalia, Toba Tek Singh
4 Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Vice Chairman PPA (Southern Zone) 42301-8306099-7 EHSAN POULTRY FARM 0981676 0333-2140975 House # 131, Street # 08, DOHA, Phase-I, Malir Cantt, Karachi.
5 (NZ) Dr. Muhammad Aslam Member CEC (ELECTED) 37405-6770312-1 ISLAMABAD FARMS 3207202-3 0300-8541230 98-D, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
6 Ch. Abdul Majeed Member CEC (ELECTED) 37405-9396511-7 PAKISTAN POULTRY FARM 0012811-2 0301-8656874 Suit # 206 & 207, 2nd Floor, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
7 Raja Azhar Mehmood Member CEC (ELECTED) 13503-2952426-9 GRAND CHICKS MANSEHRA 1345623-7 0300-8112070 Gray House G.G, Hazarvi Road, Mansehra
8 Dr. Masud Sadiq Ch. Member CEC (ELECTED) 33100-0672114-3 SYNERGY PHARMA 3911804-5 0300-7672221 Office # 113, Mezzanine Floor, Centre Point, Kohinoor Town, Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad.
9 Dr. Wajid Raza Jaferi Member CEC (ELECTED) 35202-9870400-7 DAWN POULTRIES 1016160-7 0300-8491414 667-P, Johar Town, Lahore
10 Haji Mukhtar Ahmed Member CEC (ELECTED) 33100-9218618-7 HAMDARD POULTRY SERVICES 2439684-2 0300-9658290 167-B, Millat Chowk, Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad
11 Mr. Shaukat Hussain Ch. Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 61101-0137003-5 EASTERN VETERINARY SERVIC 0524086-7 0300-8551415 07-2nd Floor, Allied Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
12 Mr. Jamshaid Ismail Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 35205-4547976-1 POULTRYTECH INTERNATIONAL 0961130-4 0307-4446333 Office No. 02, Taj Arcade, 73 Jail Road, Lahore.
13 Mr. Imran Ijaz Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 35200-1456703-1 SEASONS FOODS (PVT) LTD. 2586498-0 0333-4889000 171-II, Shadman, Lahore
14 Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Akhtar Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 33102-1788832-1 A&K PHARMACEUTICALS 2910274-0 0300-8869076 94-A, Small Industry Estate, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad
15 (SZ) Mr. Abdul Maroof Siddiqui Member CEC (ELECTED) 42301-8306001-1 BILAS POULTRY FARM 1007683 0345-8217550 Banglow # E-80, Phase-II, Defence View, Off Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Expressway, Karachi
16 Mr. Muhammad Umer Malik Member CEC (ELECTED) 42201-2246668-1 U.M ENTERPRISES 1211852-4 0300-8231006 Plot # 12, Sector 15, Near Matrix Pharma, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi
17 Mr. Ali Wazir Rizvi Member CEC (ELECTED) 42301-1068352-9 HABGEN GUAR GUMS 1217421-1 0300-9264006 2nd Floor, United Bank Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
18 Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq Awan Member CEC (ELECTED) 42301-4171381-1 MUSHTAQ POULTRY TRADERS 0302752 0333-2148747 Shop # 23 & 24, Empress Market, Saddar, Karachi
19 Mr. Aamir Abbas Member CEC (ELECTED) 42201-0294146-9 RAJA POULTRY FARM 0522281-8 0321-8242135 Shop # 73, Empress Market, Saddar, Karachi
20 Mr. Allah Bux Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 35202-2499357-7 PIONEER FEED 0803808-2 0321-9228511 Plot No. G-2, Sector 5, Green Belt, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.
21 Mr. Ateeq M. Mustafa Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 42101-6241208-1 AGFA TECH 1358862 0345-8299892 C-10, Ruqaiya Square, Block-14, F.B Area, Karachi.
22 Mr. Sohail Ahmed Shamsi Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 42301-3250940-1 QASWA POULTRY FARM 0653879 0334-2135900 L-16, Block 21, F.B Industrial Area, Karachi
23 Mr. Shakil Ahmed Siddiqui Member CEC (Cont. 2nd Year) 42201-6938305-1 DELTA POULTRY FARM. 26-12-0981711 0333-2156040 House # 386, Street # 11, Falcon Complex Faisal Behind PAF City School, Off Shaheed-e-Millat Road, K
24 Dr. Khalid Iqbal Member CEC (Elected) 4501-8794924-1 ORIENT TRADERS INTERNATIO 4302716-4 0345-8215985 CM-10, Block-A, Kazimabad, Model Colony, Karachi.

All matters relating poultry sector falling within preview of Federal & Provincial Governments is properly resolved.

PPA provide facilities for and foster, encourage, secure and maintain good and closer relationship and unanimity among members and the trade in general and to promote and protect their business interests and to do all that is necessary for the furtherance and development of poultry farming and allied trade in Pakistan.

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