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The Chairman
Pakistan Poultry Association

I, the undersigned request that M/s be admitted as Corporate/Associate
member of Pakistan Poultry Association. We hereby provide the following information for membership please:

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There are two types of PPA membership:

1. Corporate Class

2. Associate Class

• With annual transactions of more than 5 crore a person is eligible to become a corporate member. 
• With annual transactions of less than 1 crore a person is eligible to become an associate member.

Northern Region Fee Schedule:

• Corporate membership fee+2,000 Magazine fee= Rs. 18,000 and Annual Restoration fee including 2,000 Magazine Fee is Rs.10,000

• Membership fee for associate member including 2,000 magazine fee is Rs. 10,000 and the annual restoration fee + magazine fee is 6,000

Southern Region Schedule:

• Corporate membership fee is Rs. 16,000 and Annual Restoration fee is Rs.8,000

•       Membership fee for associate member Rs. 8,000 and annual fee is Rs. 4,000

•        If poultry farmers want to secure their poultry business, then they must have to apply for PPA membership.

• Democracy is that kind of government where people count not weigh so, by becoming PPA member you have an easy access to government and non-government assemblies.

• More members in poultry can lessen the problems in poultry.

• It is impossible to do a poultry business in coming years without the PPA membership.

• It’s a request to become part of PPA for securing poultry and livestock business.

3.  Passport Size Photograph

4.  Copy of CNIC

5.  Tax Returns/Certificate from FBR