What would happen if we have no poultry farm in Pakistan?

Without poultry houses we cannot imagine rearing poultry birds  and simply the whole country must be devoid of the cheap and good quality white meat and eggs as  these farms are producing more than 1.2 billion broiler and 18000 million table eggs annually, that is the simple and logical answer but a common man cannot imagine his life without poultry as poultry is as important today like air and water as each and every economical edible product which have enough protein.

I have some points to discuss with you all about this precious topic.
1. Income generation as a benefits of poultry:

No doubt it, poultry farming is a source of generating income. No amount of money spent in setting up a poultry farm that is waste, you will surely make gain from your investment.
The feasibility report of any poultry house investment and return is very much encouraging and provoke investors to invest in it.
Therefore no amount of money you invest that you will not get from it, so just give it a try today you will make it.

So, without poultry house income generation is not possible.

2.Employment opportunity as a benefits of poultry:

In a country where unemployment is sky high poultry sector is contributing its part ton lower the unemployment by providing direct and indirect employment and approximately 1.7 million people are working and getting employment from poultry so , without poultry house we can not be able to help such a large amount of population.

My dear reader nothing is better than be the boss of your business.

3.Small capital to start as a benefits of poultry:

Starting poultry farm do not require huge capital, with less than 1 million rupees you can start poultry business.

You will wonder how to start poultry business with this small capital, yes you can start. You may not venture into broiler part of the business, rather you go for layer or medicine or feed distribution or farm maintenance and equipment services.

4. It gives rapid return on investment is also a benefits of poultry:

This point is self explanatory, whatever you invest in setting up a poultry business you start getting them in very short time compare to other investment out.

Imagine starting a business and begins making profit from it in less than three months, dear reader it is amazing business to venture into.

5.Poultry farming require little water:

On like other farm business poultry farm requires little water in running the business. You only need water in the drinker and in washing the equipment in the farm.
unlikely to agriculture where you need plenty of water.

6.Poultry dropping are sources of fertilizer is also a benefits of poultry:

This is another point I want us to examine very well, don’t you think you can still make money from the dropping of the birds in your farm?
Yes you can. How? Vegetable farmers need this product you call waste to boost their products, I know you will agree with me that this type of fertilizer or manure is far better that inorganic fertilizer.
You may also make use of this in your own vegetable farm, by so doing you will save certain amount of money from it. This is awesome.

7.Poultry eggs and meat are highly nutritional value as parts of benefits of poultry:

Finally, poultry offers what we can consume as we derived protein from the product we get from farm.
Among all edible meat, broiler meat has the least fat content. It can also be cooked in its own fat and does not require any from outside.
Poultry meat contains more protein and essential amino acids than other meats and is low in its cholesterol content in comparison to other meats.


These are a few major advantages of having poultry sheds and there are many more we must be devoid of all of these advantages that are only associated with poultry houses and the answer to the question that “what if no poultry houses” lies in the opposite to advantages described above.

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Dr. Wahaj Ahmed

DVM from UVAS, Lahore main Campus.


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