Veterinary Care For Broiler in Poultry Farms.

Licensed veterinarians, who have a professional obligation to protect the chickens’ health and welfare, provide comprehensive
health care programs for every commercial broiler chicken flock.
They oversee live operations, health and nutrition, animal welfare, biosecurity, pre-harvest food safety, sustainability and grain risk management programs to produce best quality Chicken in farms.
How Disease is monitored in Poultry Farms?

There are several individuals who share the responsibility for monitoring sick chickens. Ultimately, it is the veterinarian’s responsibility to develop and implement poultry health programs for the company. Health programs typically include biosecurity programs, vaccination programs, disease surveillance programs and sanitation programs. Additionally, the veterinarian is usually tasked with training the company representatives to recognize signs of disease. These individuals visit the farms on a weekly basis and make health and welfare assessments of each flock. Together with feedback from the farmer, they communicate to their management and the veterinarian when they suspect there might be a disease present. The veterinarian will develop a diagnostic plan, visit the farm or have birds taken to a poultry diagnostic lab, evaluate lab results and develop a treatment plan if needed. If treatment is assigned, the veterinarian receives feedback on how effective the treatment was and will use that information in subsequent cases.